Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pretty flowers and patterns

My granddaughters gave me these pretty flowers. I love yellow roses! Actually I love flowers! Helps chase away the winter blues!
My anonymous swap pal asked about a pattern for the cookies I crocheted for a swap pal. I don't have link for the cookie pattern. My grandmother taught me to make them many years ago. Basically you crochet 3 cookie layers - 2 brown, 1 white - and layer them like a cookie and sew them together. This picture is of one I received many years ago.
I usually chain 4 join
Work 12 dc in ring, join
Work 2dc in each dc around , join
end off leaving long tail and use that tail to sew the 3 layers together. I sew right thru the three layers just inside the edge of the cookies. You can add a magnet to the back, eyes and face or crochet a chain to top and hang on Christmas tree.
I use worsted weight yarn and usually use a velvet, velour or chenille for the white center to get a different texture for the filling.
I use a G or H hook but you can use any weight yarn or needles to make the size cookie you want.

Also had a request for legwarmer pattern. I had a lot of trouble find kid sized pattern. Lion Brand has a pattern I used to make a couple pairs at Christmas. It is free and they also have a crocheted version. It is on their website at
The pattern for the pair I just finished came after a few tries.
Basic idea was to
Start at the bottom of legwarmer using a pair of size 8 needles
Cast on 30 with color A
knit K3P3 ribbing for 10 rows with color A
Change to color B and do Stockinette stitch for 20 rows
Change to color A and continue in Stockinette for 10 rows
Continue with Color A and do K3P3 ribbing for 10 rows.(this forms cuff when folded down)
My granddaughter wanted a cuff at the top and doing the K3P3 worked well.
I used Sensations Angel Hair yarn that I received for Christmas. It had a funny feel to it but worked up nicely. I have also used Lion Brand Jiffy yarn.
I worked them flat on size 8 needles. They can be worked in the round also. I have made a pair with a cotton /acrylic mix also. Just need to adjust needle and # stitches for differnt yarns. These have fit ages 3-5. Just make them longer/shorter as needed.
Hope these patterns make sense! If they don't leave me a comment or email me and I will try to clear up any questions.
My new computer has been ordered - YEAH!! Should be here within the week. YEAH!! It is a laptop - which I have wanted for a long time. My old MAC died over 3 years ago. Using a desktop after having a laptop just doesn't cut it! It is also an Apple which I love. Just have to get back in the MAC mode and out of the PC mode!
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Knitting Keep Me sane said...

Thanks for the pattern for the leg warmers. And that was so nice of your granddaughters to get you flowers.

I guess you are gearing up for the next baseball season:-)

My father in law has sucked me in. I am tring to find a way to see a couple of phillies games w/o the kids. They love them but less stress when they are not there.


vegasangelbrat said...

Thanks for the cookie pattern..I love it!!
Your flowers are gorgeous!! Yellow Roses was my mom favorite! :)

jopal said...

We went to Phillie on a bus trip 2 summers ago and saw a Phillies/Red Sox series. They each won one game. It was a fun trip. The bus ride was a long one but I brought my IPOD and watched Law and Order for most of the bus ride The stadium was beautiful - probably the nicest one we have visited. I even got a Phillie Fanatic at the Build a Bear store in the stadium.

About the roses - yellow was also my grandmothers favorite.

theysaywordscanbleed said...

lovely flowers

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the oreo pattern, it looks like such a fun project to do. My kids will be thrilled!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

-your secret pal