Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Updated Questionnaire for Crochetoholic Swaps

Are you a knitter or crocheter? Both

Like to make.....smaller projects

I really want to make......something for myself

My favorite yarns are.....anything soft - don't like scratchy yarns like Lopi do use novelty yarns but only for accents

My wish pattern is......????

My favorite hooks or needles are.....shorter straight and dpn needles and circulars for knitting - any material. Any kind of crochet hook except for Boye

I really wish I had.....more free time to knit/crochet

My favorite colors are...Purple, Navy, Dark Green, Dark Red, most any color . Not real fond of orange or yellow but do use them at times

My hobbies...knitting, crocheting, quilting(not that often anymore), reading, shopping, blogging, swapping

My kitchen theme and colors..kitchen has wood floors and cabinets so most colors go and it has curtains with - surprise - lighthouses on them.

My bathroom theme and colors...downstairs bathroom has a shell theme in blue/lavender and cream
upstairs bathroom - surprise again- lighthouses in black/navy/dark red

My dislikes....????

My crafts..knitting , crocheting.
A little beading, quilting. Have tried most but mostly stick to knit/crochet at this time

What I like....lighthouses, walking on beach, soft scents, reading

My allergies...wine

My favorite pets...my cat

My favorite scents...Soft scents - nothing to strong

My favorite novels or magazines...Mostly knitting/crochet magazines
Don't get to read as often as I used to but enjoy Stephen King, Mary Clark, Dean Koontz, Debbie Macromber.
Favorite books are The Godfather and Gone with the Wind

Other stuff about me...
Love to spend time with my BF and family.
Most of knitting/crocheting is for my kids/grandchildren if it isn't for a swap.

Love baseball - the Boston Red Sox and go to see them play as often as I can.

Love the beach. Go to Cape Cod as often as possible to walk and relax on the beach - any time of year!


LeslieJ said...

hi-dee-ho!! it's me, your swap partner! thanks for the info, i'll be shopping and sending soon!!

jopal said...

Thought it was time I updated my questionnaire!

Dorothy said...

I love the Godfather book too! Not many people have read it - they just watch the movies instead!

jopal said...

I have read it and watched all 3 movies so many times I can tell you what everyone is going to do or say!