Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Swap Pictures - finally!

Here they are!  I finally figured out how to upload pictures with my new computer!!!  These are the wonderful dishcloths that Cindy C sent me for the Defeat the Winter Doldrums Swap.  Aren't they cute!  
She also sent me these goodies which I described in the last post.  The chocolate covered sunflower seeds are delicious!  As you can see Cindy sent me some great goodies in my package!
The scent on the candle - Morning Dew - is very relaxing!

 And here is another picture of our cat Scoochie playing with the cute fish Chan knitted for me in the Hot Cocoa Swap.  Had trouble getting this picture because Scoochie keeps hiding the poor little fish!  She has been having a great time with it!
Thank you again to Cindy C and Chan for 2 fantastic swap packages!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Defeat the Winter Doldrums Dishcloth Swap Package

I  returned  from  Cape Cod last evening to find this wonderful package from Cindy C  for the Defeat the Winter Doldrums swap!   What a great way  chase away the winter doldrums !  She sent me 3 beautiful lime green and white dishcloths in different sizes.  They are so cute!  

**I am having a difficult time inserting pictures with my new computer so pictures may not be available at this time.**  

She also sent me some great Sugar and Cream yarn in purple, lavender and green colors.  Will make some wonderful projects!

She sent me a scented candle in a Morning Dew scent that makes me wish spring was here already - very relaxing scent!

I also received a delicious chocolate bar, some yummy hot chocolate and some chocolate covered sunflower seeds - also very delicious!

Cindy C. also sent me a cute little notions bag in almost the same colors as some of the yarn.  I will be perfect for holding some of my stitch markers!

Thank you Cindy C.  It is a wonderful package and has definitely helped chase away the winter doldrums!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quick post!

These are pictures of a shipwreck on a beach in Wellfleet, MA on Cape Cod last week. It washed up in late January. They think it is from around 1820-1850. Really interesting to see the construction. All wood pegs holding it together. Don't know how long it will be there - it may wash out with the next tide or storm. I am going back there next week and hope it is still there so I can show it to my kids and grandkids.

This a picture of Scoochie enjoying the felted fish buddy I received from Channon in the Hot Cocoa Swap. You can see she is loving this toy! She was like alittle kitten - rolling all around the room with it!
Thanks again Channon for the great package and Scoochie's new friend!
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hot Cocoa Swap package from Channon!

Wow, what a perfect day to receive such a wonderful package! It snowed last night then rained all day today and is dreary and wet. Our basement is flooded and it is cold and damp. But I feel great because I received my package for the Hot Cocoa swap from Channon today! The mailman even put the box on our front porch in a plastic bag to protect it from the heavy rain! This is what I unpacked from the box! All wrapped so pretty!
This is what I received. Some AWESOME dark purple yarn, catnip, biscotti, awesome hot cocoa filled canister, hot cocoa packets, a cute tape measue with a crocheted cover, stitch markers and a wonderful buddy - a knitted felted fish!
These are the beautiful purple stitch markers I received. Channon got them from Mary at Blume's Accesories on Etsy. Mary makes wonderful things - so pretty - you should check her out! And isn't the tape measure the cutest! I will need to hide it from my grandkids! They keep "borrowing" my sheep and ladybug tape measures and I have to rescue them! I love the colors - so spring like.
This is a closeup of the beautiful Malabrigo Kettle Dyed Merino Wool yarn! It is awesome! It is so soft I can't stop petting it! And the color is so perfect. I have heard people talk about this yarn but never had any before. Can't wait to find a project for it - for ME! And don't you just LOVE the fish! My kitty Scoochie loves it! Channon left the mouth open so I could put catnip in it. I will post pictures later of Scoochie loving her new toy!
Thank you again Channon - this is a wonderful pick me up. Scoochie thanks you also.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dishcloth Stash Pictures for Defeat the Winter Doldrums Topic of the week

This is a picture of the yarn in my dishcloth stash. I think it is all here but I am sure a few stray skeins got away when I was rounding these up!
Unfortunatley Michael's is having a sale on Sugar and Cream this week and I think my car will probably drive me there soon! I just can't control it!

This is a favorite of mine. Fantasy Naturale. Has a nice sheen and works up nice. Colors are fantastic. I also use this yarn to make crocheted ponchos for my granddaughters.
This a picture of my latest projects. The needles are the ones I use most often. On the left are my size 7 Addi's and the red size 7 needles are actually kids needles but work great for dishcloths. These are pretty much the only supplies except for my scissors that I use for dishcloths. I did not take a picture of my patterns. Have many from the web and lots of booklets with patterns. The dishcloth was made yesterday while I worked the at the polls here. I was there from 5am - 830pm. Great chance for knitting between voters. Very high turnout here! Only able to finish one dishcloth and start a second.
Close up of my Peaches and Cream and my Sugar and Cream. Great color selection and easy to find at local stores. I know there are some more solids around here somewhere but they are pretty good at avoiding me. The Cotton Tots pictured also works for dishcloths - it is a little softer than the others.
Well, I better put this stash away! Need to keep it safe! Never know when a yarn drought might happen!
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Friday, February 1, 2008

Special things

I forgot to post a picture of the special knitting bag I received for Christmas from 2 of my grandchildren ( the ballerina and her trainer from previous post). It is really cool!
The bag in the center is large enough to hold most projects and came with the 2 containers you see. The one on the left has a scarf and pattern WIP and the one on the right has a dishcloth WIP(for a daughter) and a bag that holds WIP my dishcloth supplies. It has 3 skeins of cotton in it along with needles and patterns.
Ladies at a LYS admired it when I went to purchase yarn for a swap and when I told them my daughter picked it out - they said I trained her well!
This is a cute cupcake bag I crocheted from a kit I ordered on Etsy from Amy Gaines. Very cute, very easy, and very reasonable. Everything came it the kit - the yarn, crochet hook, beads and sewing needle. Oh, and the pattern also. For only $10.00. Takes an evening to make. Good thing it is quick because I need to make 3 more. All the girls love cupcakes and like their grandma they like bags/purses! Will make a cute Valentine or Easter present. I have some yarns I want to try to customize them. I also received a pattern for 2 knitted versions and some other purse patterns from Amy's Etsy store. Service prompt and prices good. Check her out!

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