Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hot Cocoa Swap package from Channon!

Wow, what a perfect day to receive such a wonderful package! It snowed last night then rained all day today and is dreary and wet. Our basement is flooded and it is cold and damp. But I feel great because I received my package for the Hot Cocoa swap from Channon today! The mailman even put the box on our front porch in a plastic bag to protect it from the heavy rain! This is what I unpacked from the box! All wrapped so pretty!
This is what I received. Some AWESOME dark purple yarn, catnip, biscotti, awesome hot cocoa filled canister, hot cocoa packets, a cute tape measue with a crocheted cover, stitch markers and a wonderful buddy - a knitted felted fish!
These are the beautiful purple stitch markers I received. Channon got them from Mary at Blume's Accesories on Etsy. Mary makes wonderful things - so pretty - you should check her out! And isn't the tape measure the cutest! I will need to hide it from my grandkids! They keep "borrowing" my sheep and ladybug tape measures and I have to rescue them! I love the colors - so spring like.
This is a closeup of the beautiful Malabrigo Kettle Dyed Merino Wool yarn! It is awesome! It is so soft I can't stop petting it! And the color is so perfect. I have heard people talk about this yarn but never had any before. Can't wait to find a project for it - for ME! And don't you just LOVE the fish! My kitty Scoochie loves it! Channon left the mouth open so I could put catnip in it. I will post pictures later of Scoochie loving her new toy!
Thank you again Channon - this is a wonderful pick me up. Scoochie thanks you also.
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chanknits said...

Oh goody! I love it when a package arrives earlier than expected. Good timing, eh? I'm so glad you and Scoochie are enjoying it already. It's been nice getting to know you a bit better, and I do hope we'll stay in touch!

Anonymous said...

Lovely goodies! My little boy came up to me when I was looking at that cute tape measure you got and said, "Is that for me?" It's so cute! I love that fish pal, too!

Great timing on your package. It's always nice to get a treat on a gloomy day!

-your scavenger hunt buddy

vegasangelbrat said...

Awesome package! Lovely yarn too! I love the fishie, he's really cute and can't wait to see shot of him in

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Shipwreck looked cool! On our beach a few years back, a CAR from the 50's was uncovered by a storm. I think yours beat that! Must have been a hella storm!
Wonderful package you got from Chan. Love the fish! Lucky kitty!