Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Swap Pictures - finally!

Here they are!  I finally figured out how to upload pictures with my new computer!!!  These are the wonderful dishcloths that Cindy C sent me for the Defeat the Winter Doldrums Swap.  Aren't they cute!  
She also sent me these goodies which I described in the last post.  The chocolate covered sunflower seeds are delicious!  As you can see Cindy sent me some great goodies in my package!
The scent on the candle - Morning Dew - is very relaxing!

 And here is another picture of our cat Scoochie playing with the cute fish Chan knitted for me in the Hot Cocoa Swap.  Had trouble getting this picture because Scoochie keeps hiding the poor little fish!  She has been having a great time with it!
Thank you again to Cindy C and Chan for 2 fantastic swap packages!


Anonymous said...

Hi JoAnn!

Glad to see your new Mac is working out for you.

Those look like nice bright dishcloths! I can't find that cotton yarn at my LYS yet. They would display quite well, I think.

Those chocolate covered treats sound delightful!

-your S.H. secret pal :)

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh glad you finally figured out how to do the pic on the new laptop!
Your dishcloths are bright :) Yum ont he choc's!! lol
I lvoe that fishie and Scoochie looks like she really loves it too!
Electra is always playing with my buddy buster "Tiny" Crazy cats!
Will talk to you soon!