Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pretty flowers and patterns

My granddaughters gave me these pretty flowers. I love yellow roses! Actually I love flowers! Helps chase away the winter blues!
My anonymous swap pal asked about a pattern for the cookies I crocheted for a swap pal. I don't have link for the cookie pattern. My grandmother taught me to make them many years ago. Basically you crochet 3 cookie layers - 2 brown, 1 white - and layer them like a cookie and sew them together. This picture is of one I received many years ago.
I usually chain 4 join
Work 12 dc in ring, join
Work 2dc in each dc around , join
end off leaving long tail and use that tail to sew the 3 layers together. I sew right thru the three layers just inside the edge of the cookies. You can add a magnet to the back, eyes and face or crochet a chain to top and hang on Christmas tree.
I use worsted weight yarn and usually use a velvet, velour or chenille for the white center to get a different texture for the filling.
I use a G or H hook but you can use any weight yarn or needles to make the size cookie you want.

Also had a request for legwarmer pattern. I had a lot of trouble find kid sized pattern. Lion Brand has a pattern I used to make a couple pairs at Christmas. It is free and they also have a crocheted version. It is on their website at
The pattern for the pair I just finished came after a few tries.
Basic idea was to
Start at the bottom of legwarmer using a pair of size 8 needles
Cast on 30 with color A
knit K3P3 ribbing for 10 rows with color A
Change to color B and do Stockinette stitch for 20 rows
Change to color A and continue in Stockinette for 10 rows
Continue with Color A and do K3P3 ribbing for 10 rows.(this forms cuff when folded down)
My granddaughter wanted a cuff at the top and doing the K3P3 worked well.
I used Sensations Angel Hair yarn that I received for Christmas. It had a funny feel to it but worked up nicely. I have also used Lion Brand Jiffy yarn.
I worked them flat on size 8 needles. They can be worked in the round also. I have made a pair with a cotton /acrylic mix also. Just need to adjust needle and # stitches for differnt yarns. These have fit ages 3-5. Just make them longer/shorter as needed.
Hope these patterns make sense! If they don't leave me a comment or email me and I will try to clear up any questions.
My new computer has been ordered - YEAH!! Should be here within the week. YEAH!! It is a laptop - which I have wanted for a long time. My old MAC died over 3 years ago. Using a desktop after having a laptop just doesn't cut it! It is also an Apple which I love. Just have to get back in the MAC mode and out of the PC mode!
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Pattern from LeslieJ and FOs

Finally getting around to posting a picture of the pattern I received from LeslieJ for the January Crochetoholic swap. I took the picture of it with the yarn she sent to make it with! The purple yarn doesn't show well but is beautiful. Hope to make them soon. Need to finish some WIP first! Thnaks Leslie! It is a pattern I have wanted to try!
These are the "almost" finished legwarmers I am making for my 5yo granddaughter. She picked out the yarn and the pattern! Very colorful!
This dishcloth also got finished this week! Hopefully I am ready to get down to work now and finish some of my other WIP! The baby blanket I started in OCT and the agfgan for my daughter started last winter need some priority knitting time!
Last but not least a look at how the legwarmers will look once the back seam is sewn.
I need to get moving on my current WIP because there are many new things I want to start and I am also going to a knitting retreat in MA the first weekend in April.

Country Wool in NY is the sponsor. It is in Cape Ann MA. Can't wait. The hotel is right on the beach and you can see 2 lighthouses from the deck outside the rooms! Check it out here! Can't wait to go. I should receive my supply list any day now. We are knitting a reversible sweater.
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Sunday, January 27, 2008


I finally got the 2 packages off for my swaps! They have been in the living room for a week now and I just couldn't get to the post office. "Things" just kept happening and I wasn't getting moving this week!
Laurie C should receive her package for the Crochetoholic's January Swap the beginning of the week. Just in time for me to start thinking about the Feb swap! The theme was "White" this month. Think I manged to get the right number of white items plus some other goodies in her package.
The other package went to my partner in the Hot Cocoa swap and since it is a secret swap I can not tell you who it is yet in case she happens to stop by. This one was easy to put together except for the knit/crochet buddy we had to make. After much searching I made some little oreo cookie magnets with google eyes. Can't think of anyone that wouldn't smile for an oreo! Hope she feels the same way! Will post pictures soon.
Also have to post a picture of the felted clog pattern I received from LeslieJ in the Jan swap. They are on my list to try when I catch up with my WIPs. Will find the camera and post tonight!
Ready to get started putting together the packages for my next 2 swaps - the Defeat the Winter Doldrums dishcloth swap and the Knitters Scavenger Hunt.
I ordered some things for the DWDS should receive them in plenty of time. Need to choose a dishcloth pattern to make and get started. I want to try something different this time. Excited about choosing the right pattern for my partner. Have been checking out her blog to get ideas. Very Interesting!
The scavenger hunt will take some serious thinking. It is different. Will have to get my ideas together and get going so I can get it all together in time. Have been visiting her blog also for ideas.
Spent many hours the last 2 days trying to get Red Sox tickets online from the Red Sox site. No luck! Never even got to pick seats. Keep getting a message that there is high volume and can't process at this time. Spent most of my time in a "virtual waiting room" where they pick out people randomly. You think a team with all their money could do a simple thing like sell tickets without a major hassle. I think they ( and other teams and concert promoters) would rather sell on places like stub hub and make more money! We were able to get tickets to some games thru a friend and from a tour bus company so we will see 8 games but none of the tickets were at face value.
Well, better get some knitting done! Will post those pictures soon!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tagged! 7 Random facts about me!

7 Random Facts... now these are the rules

:- Link to the person’s blog who tagged you. Jane tagged me!

Post these rules on your blog.

List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.

Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.- Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog

7 Random Facts About Me
1. I can't work on just one knitting/crochet project at a time. Needs variety!
2. I am left handed. But I crochet right handed. I do knit left handed.
3. My craft room is a disaster - stuff spread all over the house! Need a Project Organization intervention!
4. Don't drink coffee - hate the taste!
5. Prefer to drive a standard car. I have a 5 speed Honda CRV- don't like automatics.
6. I can name all 7 of the dwarfs from Snow White - can you?
7. I am getting a new computer soon - a MACbook - and plan on revamping my blog!

I am not tagging anyone but feel free to try this if you want!
PS The 7 dwarfs are Dopey, Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful, and Sleepy!

Topic # 2 and # 3 for the Hot Cocoa Swap

#2 Now that we're in the thick of 'Winter'... has your knitting changed to match the season? Are you moving on from dishcloths, and tank tops to afghans, hats and mittens? Has your yarn changed from silk or cotton to wool, superwash or heavier cottons?

Just trying to finish what I started in the fall! Doesn't matter the project or the yarn this time of year.

#3 What is the most 'random' memory you have from your childhood? I know it's not knitting content, but I love learning about the little quirks and interesting things about people!

I think one of my favorite random memories is going to the corner store with my grandfather early on a Sat morning to get his newspaper with him and having him give me a quarter to buy penny candy with! It always took me a long time and he never rushed me - he just talked to the other customers. I would get enough candy to have for the whole week! A quarter went a long way then!

Topic #1 for Defeat the winter doldrums swap

Weekly Topic: Dishrag. Dishcloth. Face cloth. I've seen folks get all fired up in forums when someone refers to their knit or crochet creation as a dishrag, as that's somehow offensive to them! When you're working on yours, what do you call them? Also, is there a difference between a dishrag and a dishcloth? How about a facecloth? Are they all really the same thing?

All names are fine with me - they just define the use. They are all the same thing to me when I am making them - once I use them that is when I name them. I don't multi use them. If I use it as a dishcloth it stays a dishcloth and if I use it as a face or wash cloth it remains one.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thank You Leslie!

Got home from work today to find a package - YEAH! - waiting for me on the front porch! This 1st picture shows the beautiful card I received from Leslie with my package for the January Crochetoholic Swap! Isn't it pretty!
The next picture shows all the pretty packages wrapped in white - this months theme. Pretty paper with white dots on it!

These are all the wonderful things I received from Leslie! There is some great hand cream for my super dry hands, bath flakes for the rest of my dry body, delicious hot cocoa with marshmallows for a special treat, a really cute photo mouse pad -what a great idea! -, a cute puzzle I can do with the little ones and some awesome Patons Merino and Fun Fur yarn!
The color doesn't show up very well - sorry Leslie - because the Patons Merino is a fantastic royal purple! And there is an accent skein of white fun fur to go with it. The pattern is arriving separately so it is still a surprise. Can't wait to see it!
Thank you Leslie for a great package! This is a great way to start off the Crochetoholic Swap for this year.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Scavenger Hunt Questionnaire

1) Do you knit, crochet or both? How long have you been doing it?
I do both. Have been crocheting over 30 years. Probably 20 years for knitting.

2) What is on your needles/hook right now?
Afghan for daughter (feather and fan with Mission Falls yarn)
baby afghan (basketweave with Velvet Touch)
Red Sox cabled scarf (Cascade 220)
Dishcloth (Sugar and Cream)
Seed Stitch Scarf(???)
Crocheted Oreo Cookies(Patons wool and Velvet Touch)
Not sure what else

3) What is the most frequently used tool in your knitting bag
Stitch markers

4) What are your 3 favorite yarns (fiber type or brand)? What are your 3 least favorite?
Velvet Touch by Wendy for babies
Cascade 220 or Patons Merino Wool for felting
Anything soft!

Least favorites
Fun Fur
Anything scratchy

5) What is your favorite color?
PURPLE! Love jewel tones.

6) If you had a 5 minute shopping spree in your LYS, how would you plan your attack
Since I have lots of needles and books and patterns I would go for the yarns! Lots of soft yarns! Lots of colors!

7) What is your favorite FO and why? (post a pic if you have it!)
Baby Blankets. I love the feel of the soft yarn and the pretty colors. Have made many? Loved them all!

8) What are your favorite things to knit/crochet?
Love to make gifts for family or swaps - nothing to complicated. Like to relax while I knit.

9) Do you collect anything?
Lighthouses, shells, beach rocks, knitting "stuff", knitting books

10) What are your five favorite things (not necessarily knitting related)?
Walking/relaxing on Beach
Red Sox

11) Are you on Ravelry? What is your ID?
Not yet, maybe soon

12) Do you drink tea/coffee/cocoa?
Cocoa or tea No coffee, mostly H2O

13) Favorite Sweets?

14) Any allergies?

15) Do you have pets? kids?
1 pet an 8yo calico cat
4 children ages 36,35,30,26
5 grandkids ages 5,3,2,2,1

Sunday, January 13, 2008

All warmed up and ready to dance!

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Cuties at work

Little ballerina and her personal trainer training hard. Little ballerina is wearing the legwarmers I knitted for her for Christmas. So glad they worked! Only frogged them 3 times!
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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Defeat the Winter Doldrums Dishcloth Swap Questionnaire

1. Do you knit, crochet, or do both?
2. What types of needles do you enjoy using for making dishcloths?
Short plastic straight needles(children's needles) or short circular. Usually size 7 or 8. Crochet hook size G or H.
3. What types of cotton do you enjoy using for making dishcloths? Is there any that you've been wanting to try?
I am not fussy - so far haven't found a cotton I didn't like.
4. What color(s) are your kitchen and bath decorated in (if any)?
Kitchen wood floors and cabinets and gold/bronze granite so most anything goes.
One bath blue/cream/lavender - the other black, navy, dark red
5. What are your favorite colors for yarns? Least favorite?
Purple favorite, like navy, dark red, dark green, royal blue, teal, most any color. Least favorite would be orange and yellow.
6. Do you like Winter, or do you count the days until it ends?
I like winter for a little while then I count the days til spring!
7. What's your favorite way to brighten your day when you're down in the dumps?
Spend time with family esp. grandkids, walk on the beach, knit something soft., shop
8. What is your favorite treat to indulge in and when your down in the dumps?
Chocolate - have to limit how much I have - but like to sit with a big mug of hot cocoa with lots of whipped cream or marshmallows and relax.
9. Do you drink coffee? Tea? Cocoa?
Drink mostly water but like to have hot cocoa or tea as a treat. Never drink coffee.
10. If you could take a vacation starting tomorrow and go anywhere for one week and money were no object, where would you go and what would you do?
Hawaii would be first choice but most any warm beach would do. I would walk on beach and find a quiet spot and then sit and knit while I listened to the waves.
11. Do you have any allergies or aversions your pal should be aware of?
Allergic to wine. Hate scratchy yarns. Otherwise I am pretty easy to please.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Scavenger Hunt for Hot Cocoa Swap

1. Who's favorite animal is an otter?
Anne K.
2. Name someone who prefers whipped cream with their hot cocoa
Alex E.
3. Find 3 people who live outside of the United States
Ana Sophia
4. Name a fan of Harry Potter
5. Name someone who crochets
Mary B.
6. Name someone who DOES NOT have a healthy supply of notions.
7. Name someone who has NOT put up their questionnaire yet (just put a date with your answer in case they put it up after seeing their name listed somewhere ;-) )
Lyndsay-Jane 1/8
8. Who likes to have Kahlua, Baileys, or Peppermint Schnapps in their cocoa?
Anne Marie
9. Name someone who knits fingerless gloves as a 'quick knit'
Rachel C
10.Name someone who's looking forward to gardening this spring.
11.Who's favorite way to drink cocoa is with a gorgeous Frenchman, while overlooking the eiffel tower from a French Cafe? (I'm right there with you... well at the table next to yours!)
Anne Martin
12.Name someone who's favorite animal is NOT a dog or house cat
13. Name someone who's favorite treat is NOT chocolate.
14. Who plays Candyland?
15. Name someone who DOESN'T get the winter blahs
Ashley C.

Updated Questionnaire for Crochetoholic Swaps

Are you a knitter or crocheter? Both

Like to make.....smaller projects

I really want to make......something for myself

My favorite yarns are.....anything soft - don't like scratchy yarns like Lopi do use novelty yarns but only for accents

My wish pattern is......????

My favorite hooks or needles are.....shorter straight and dpn needles and circulars for knitting - any material. Any kind of crochet hook except for Boye

I really wish I had.....more free time to knit/crochet

My favorite colors are...Purple, Navy, Dark Green, Dark Red, most any color . Not real fond of orange or yellow but do use them at times

My hobbies...knitting, crocheting, quilting(not that often anymore), reading, shopping, blogging, swapping

My kitchen theme and has wood floors and cabinets so most colors go and it has curtains with - surprise - lighthouses on them.

My bathroom theme and colors...downstairs bathroom has a shell theme in blue/lavender and cream
upstairs bathroom - surprise again- lighthouses in black/navy/dark red

My dislikes....????

My crafts..knitting , crocheting.
A little beading, quilting. Have tried most but mostly stick to knit/crochet at this time

What I like....lighthouses, walking on beach, soft scents, reading


My favorite cat

My favorite scents...Soft scents - nothing to strong

My favorite novels or magazines...Mostly knitting/crochet magazines
Don't get to read as often as I used to but enjoy Stephen King, Mary Clark, Dean Koontz, Debbie Macromber.
Favorite books are The Godfather and Gone with the Wind

Other stuff about me...
Love to spend time with my BF and family.
Most of knitting/crocheting is for my kids/grandchildren if it isn't for a swap.

Love baseball - the Boston Red Sox and go to see them play as often as I can.

Love the beach. Go to Cape Cod as often as possible to walk and relax on the beach - any time of year!

Great packages! Thank you Jane and Priscilla!

Saturday night when I returned home from a long day/night at work I had a wonderful package waiting for me! It is from Jane/Grammieknits who made me this beautiful gift for the "Pay it Forward" challenge. It is a FIDGET! I love it! It is a scarflet. It is so soft and warm! The buttons are perfect with the yarn - which is my favorite color - purple! Not just any purple but a warm shaded purple. I can't wait to try to make one for someone. Jane you do such beautiful work and I love this gift. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this challenge and I will definitely "Pay It Forward". Remember Jane - only 37 more days until spring training!
Then yesterday I received this package of goodies from Priscilla for the Dec Crochetoholic Swap. I can't wait to make the little Christmas people. I am not a fast knitter/crocheter so I will have plenty of time to make some for my grandchildren for next Christmas. I have some cute crocheted snowpeople that my grandmother made me many years ago and my grandchildren love to play with them. They often ask to take them home but now I can make them their own!

Priscilla also sent me some yarn to make the cute items which also include some cute peppermint coaster! I got some great chocolates which my daughter claimed and some delicious hot chocolate which I will hide for myself! The pencil and pen and 2 snowmen ornaments are adorable! I even have stickies with my initial on them. Priscilla sent me some Christmas music which I will enjoy and a cute little snowman snowglobe!
Thank you Jane and Priscilla for helping chase away the after hoilday blues! And to my friends that are waiting for a Pay It Forward package from me - I haven't forgotten you!
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Monday, January 7, 2008

Hot Cocoa Swap Questionnaire

1. What is your favorite way to drink cocoa? Prepared with milk? Water? from home made recipe or store bought?, In a tea cup, or big mug?
I love cocoa anyway at all! Would rather have a big mug than a tea cup so I can fit in more whipped cream or marshmallow topping! One of my favorites besides hot cocoa is to have a Frozen Hot Chocolate - awesome!

2. Marshmallows or whipped cream?
Love fresh whipped cream or marshmallow Fluff. But marshmallows are great also! Especially the special flavor ones.

What is your favorite type of yarn? In what colors?
Love most yarns. Not a big fan of novelty yarns but do use some for accents. Purple and jewel tones are my favs. Least favs probably orange or yellow but do use those for some projects.

2. Do you knit or crochet (or both)?
Enjoy doing both!

3. What are your favorite type of needles, would you like to try something new?
Knitting I use different types depending on the yarn/project. I prefer circulars or shorter straight needles. I use shorter DPN needles also. Shorter or circular are easier to maneuver. I don't use my long straight needles very often anymore. I use bamboo, wood, addi's, all types of materials.
For crocheting I use most brands - except Boye. I can't get comfortable with them.

4. Do you have a healthy supply of notions?
OH YES! One of my projects for the New Year is to organize them. I have a whole room full of craft supplies in dire need if organizing!

5. What one thing do you keep thinking you need to buy for your knitting habit (outside of yarn)?
Things to organize my "stuff".

6. What is your favorite 'quick knit/crochet' pattern (quick gratification)
Scarves or dishcloths - quick and great gifts.

1. What is your favorite thing to do in the Winter?
Watch movies and knit. Walk on the beach. Shop. Walk in the snow.

2. What is your favorite animal?
My calico cat "Scoochie"

3. Do you get the 'winter blahs'?

4. What is your favorite way to beat the blahs?
Go to Cape Cod and walk on the beach!
Start a new knitting project.
Spend fun time with BF and family.

5. What is the thing you are most looking forward to this spring?
The start of baseball season. We already have tickets to 8 games to see the 2007 World Champion Boston Red Sox play! Spring training starts in 38 days! My first games are April 19th and 20th vs Texas. Can't wait.

Also I am going to Cape Ann in Gloucester, Mass. for a knitting weekend April 4th-6th. I can't wait!!!!! The hotel is right on the beach and you can see an island off shore with 2 lighthouses and can hear the waves from your room.

6. What are your favorite treat?
Food Treats:
I have to limit sweets for health reasons but can still have them in limited amounts so they are even more special to me.
Chocolate is my favorite treat - especially dark chocolate. I recently bought a chocolate fountain and it is awesome! There are so many things you can dip in chocolate! I have only used it once so far - on New Years Day but can't wait for another chance to use it!
Hot cocoa is one of my favorite ways to enjoy chocolate. I love to sit and relax with a cup of cocoa in the evening when it is nice and quiet.
Non Food treats:
Candles, shopping and putting my feet up while relaxing listening to music on my Ipod.

7. What is your favorite board game?
Don't play board games much anymore. Have played some Disney memory games with the grandkids. Disney Scene It might be fun to try.

8. Do you have any children (furry or human)?
I have 4 grown children ages 36,35,30,and26.
I also have 5 grandchildren ages 5,3,2,2,1.
And a kitty who is 8 years old.

9. Do you have any allergies or special considerations you partner should know about?
Allergic to only wine.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My favorite Christmas angels!

Have to be real fast to get a picture of this group!
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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Last post for today!

These are the projects I finished just in time for Christmas. I finished 2 other scarves for Christmas swaps but forgot to take pictures before I mailed them! The top picture is 3 pairs of legwarmers for my granddaughters. I didn't have a pattern small enough for them so had to improvise. Took a few tries but they finally seemed to work. Will try to get pictures of them on their tiny little legs!
The 1st scarf was for my DIL and the 2nd on for my daughter. Both basic seed stitch but the green one from a wool acrylic blend and the purple one wool. Very quick knits.
I also made fleece blankets from Pittsburgh Steelers fabric for my other daughter and my son. I made a Mets fleece blanket for my other daughter and a Yankee fleece blanket for my SIL. Had to wear gloves to prevent burning my hands while touching the Yankee fleece and sanitize the table after making the Yankee blanket! Finished the last gift at 3am Christmas Eve morning. Since we exchange gifts Christmas Eve it was right down to the wire like every other year!
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Secret Santa Gift from Nancy!

This is the beautiful scarf that I received from Nancy from NJ for the Secret Santa swap I was in. I have been using it everyday since I opened it Christmas Eve! It is so warm and beautiful and I get lots of compliments from people! Thank you Nancy for a great gift!
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Christmas surprise!

I received this cute tea pot on Christmas eve in a package all the way from Texas. Kathy - my partner in the Knit 1 Tea 2 swap sent it to me. Isn't it the cutest! It is about 2 inches tall! I love it!
Thank you Kathy and I hope you had a great holiday! Your gift helped brighten mine!

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Wow, where has the year gone!

Wow, I haven't posted in weeks! Well, I have lots to post now!
Let's start with a new swap starting January 11th. It is the "Defeat the Winter Doldrums Dishcloth Swap" Anne is starting a new dishcloth swap for the winter. You can find out all the details at Check it out - it is lots of fun!