Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Last post for today!

These are the projects I finished just in time for Christmas. I finished 2 other scarves for Christmas swaps but forgot to take pictures before I mailed them! The top picture is 3 pairs of legwarmers for my granddaughters. I didn't have a pattern small enough for them so had to improvise. Took a few tries but they finally seemed to work. Will try to get pictures of them on their tiny little legs!
The 1st scarf was for my DIL and the 2nd on for my daughter. Both basic seed stitch but the green one from a wool acrylic blend and the purple one wool. Very quick knits.
I also made fleece blankets from Pittsburgh Steelers fabric for my other daughter and my son. I made a Mets fleece blanket for my other daughter and a Yankee fleece blanket for my SIL. Had to wear gloves to prevent burning my hands while touching the Yankee fleece and sanitize the table after making the Yankee blanket! Finished the last gift at 3am Christmas Eve morning. Since we exchange gifts Christmas Eve it was right down to the wire like every other year!
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JavaNut said...

JoAnn - thanks for the nice comment and I'm SO GLAD that you enjoyed your package... the finished legwarmers are darling and I'm sure the girls will love them. Great photo of all the grandkids!