Monday, January 28, 2008

Pattern from LeslieJ and FOs

Finally getting around to posting a picture of the pattern I received from LeslieJ for the January Crochetoholic swap. I took the picture of it with the yarn she sent to make it with! The purple yarn doesn't show well but is beautiful. Hope to make them soon. Need to finish some WIP first! Thnaks Leslie! It is a pattern I have wanted to try!
These are the "almost" finished legwarmers I am making for my 5yo granddaughter. She picked out the yarn and the pattern! Very colorful!
This dishcloth also got finished this week! Hopefully I am ready to get down to work now and finish some of my other WIP! The baby blanket I started in OCT and the agfgan for my daughter started last winter need some priority knitting time!
Last but not least a look at how the legwarmers will look once the back seam is sewn.
I need to get moving on my current WIP because there are many new things I want to start and I am also going to a knitting retreat in MA the first weekend in April.

Country Wool in NY is the sponsor. It is in Cape Ann MA. Can't wait. The hotel is right on the beach and you can see 2 lighthouses from the deck outside the rooms! Check it out here! Can't wait to go. I should receive my supply list any day now. We are knitting a reversible sweater.
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Anonymous said...

Wow! That retreat sounds great! I checked out the link you left for it. That looks like something I would enjoy going to. I had no idea they had knitter's retreats. Hope you have a great time there!

Your secret pal

vegasangelbrat said...

Hope you have fn at the retreat! Sounds like fun.
Love the legwarmers, good colors!
Can't wait to see your buddy buster, I laugh at mine everytime I try to putit Hope pals gets at least a smile from

Crochetoholic said...

those look so pretty I bet your g-daughter will love them..

Knitting Keep Me sane said...

where did you get the pattern.My girls would love them.

They are sooooooo cute.

Anonymous said...

Your DTWD partner here. Those are the cutest leg warmers. I've got to make those for my little granddaughter.