Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dishcloth Stash Pictures for Defeat the Winter Doldrums Topic of the week

This is a picture of the yarn in my dishcloth stash. I think it is all here but I am sure a few stray skeins got away when I was rounding these up!
Unfortunatley Michael's is having a sale on Sugar and Cream this week and I think my car will probably drive me there soon! I just can't control it!

This is a favorite of mine. Fantasy Naturale. Has a nice sheen and works up nice. Colors are fantastic. I also use this yarn to make crocheted ponchos for my granddaughters.
This a picture of my latest projects. The needles are the ones I use most often. On the left are my size 7 Addi's and the red size 7 needles are actually kids needles but work great for dishcloths. These are pretty much the only supplies except for my scissors that I use for dishcloths. I did not take a picture of my patterns. Have many from the web and lots of booklets with patterns. The dishcloth was made yesterday while I worked the at the polls here. I was there from 5am - 830pm. Great chance for knitting between voters. Very high turnout here! Only able to finish one dishcloth and start a second.
Close up of my Peaches and Cream and my Sugar and Cream. Great color selection and easy to find at local stores. I know there are some more solids around here somewhere but they are pretty good at avoiding me. The Cotton Tots pictured also works for dishcloths - it is a little softer than the others.
Well, I better put this stash away! Need to keep it safe! Never know when a yarn drought might happen!
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Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a serious stash! I guess that's the beauty of it; you have supplies ready to go when you are in the mood to start something new. That's a great idea bringing some with you to the polls. I bring mine to the doctor's office as the waits can be awhile.

I've ordered some things for you on Etsy... you're gonna love it!

-your scavenger hunt buddy

jopal said...

Can't wit. Swaps are better than Christmas! I have ust started ordering from Etsy. They have some great stuff there!
I try to always have a knitting project with me when I go out. Never know when you will have to sit around.

Dorothy said...

Wow - that's a lot of cotton! I think I'll look for the Tots yarn, and give that a try.

Jane Doe Jenn said...

That's a great idea having a knitting project ready when you go out. I am wondering though, do you carry a separate purse, or do you have a special knitting bag that will hold both your knitting and your wallet/person items? I would like to bring along a knitting project when I go out, but I haven't shopped yet for a kntting bag.

I do like that special bag you showed in your previous post! Just dropping in to check out some of the others posting on the swap!

Knitting Keep Me sane said...

That is an awesome stash. I do not have anything near that amount of yarn. I think I only have 6 balls. My Dh husband has me on a spending hold.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed with your stash. My stash of cotton is....
drum roll please.........1 orange sugar n cream. Pittiful, huh? I think I need to make a trip to Michael's.
Your secret DTWD partner.