Friday, February 1, 2008

Special things

I forgot to post a picture of the special knitting bag I received for Christmas from 2 of my grandchildren ( the ballerina and her trainer from previous post). It is really cool!
The bag in the center is large enough to hold most projects and came with the 2 containers you see. The one on the left has a scarf and pattern WIP and the one on the right has a dishcloth WIP(for a daughter) and a bag that holds WIP my dishcloth supplies. It has 3 skeins of cotton in it along with needles and patterns.
Ladies at a LYS admired it when I went to purchase yarn for a swap and when I told them my daughter picked it out - they said I trained her well!
This is a cute cupcake bag I crocheted from a kit I ordered on Etsy from Amy Gaines. Very cute, very easy, and very reasonable. Everything came it the kit - the yarn, crochet hook, beads and sewing needle. Oh, and the pattern also. For only $10.00. Takes an evening to make. Good thing it is quick because I need to make 3 more. All the girls love cupcakes and like their grandma they like bags/purses! Will make a cute Valentine or Easter present. I have some yarns I want to try to customize them. I also received a pattern for 2 knitted versions and some other purse patterns from Amy's Etsy store. Service prompt and prices good. Check her out!

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vegasangelbrat said...

Oh what sweet kids!! So glad grandma gets spoiled too! Love the cupcake bag too :)

Anonymous said...

Love that cupcake! It's so adorable! I will check out the Esty page, thanks for letting us know about it.

That was such a great bag you received. What nice colors to inspire creativity!

-your secret pal

Anonymous said...

I love that bag! Looks like it will hold plenty of stuff. I am so into bags. I say you can never have enough knitting bags.
Your DTWD pal

Knitting Keep Me sane said...

Very nice bag, I am looking for the perfect knitting bag. Also the cupcake I love it :). My girls love bags also( they get it from me). They also love shoes.

jopal said...

I have a very large collection of bags/purses. Just can't resist them! My kids all know about my inability to walk away from a bag that "might" be just the perfect for holding my knitting!
She found this one at Michaels and it has all kinds of small bags/containers/needle hoders that can be bought to go with it. Different styles also. Called Knit Picks

Crochetoholic said...

cute bag looks like a cupcake one...