Wednesday, October 3, 2007


1. What is your Christmas style? Contemporary, traditional, glam and glitter, primitive, cute or something else. TRADITIONAL

2. Do you collect something special? Santas, gingerbread people, angels, maybe snowmen, etc...SNOWMEN AND SANTAS BUT LOVE ALL CHRISTMAS ITEMS

3. Favorite holiday color. Fire engine red, lime green, burgundy, hunter green, pink and chartreuse or are you all about the metals, gold, silver or copper. HUNTER GREEN AND SILVER

4.Favorite things--Food, colors, pastimes or anything that you think we should know or that you just feel a need to share LOL LOVE DECORATING THE TREE - LOVE ORNAMENTS OF ANY KIND

5. Least favorite things--scents that might bother you, allergies etc. If you don't tell us we won't know. NOTHING I CAN THINK OF

6. What so you prefer--candy or cookies--those special things that we only make at this time of the year. Like fudge, caramel popcorn or Mexican wedding cookies, yum yum. LOVE CARAMEL POPCORN AND FUDGE AND COOKIES! HAVE TO LIMIT SWEETS BUT CAN STILL HAVE SMALL AMOUNTS! ALSO SHARE THEM WITH FAMILY

7. How about--coffee or tea DECAF TEA OR HOT CHOCOLATE

8. Do you wear knit or crocheted scarves? Yes or No YES

9. How about slippers? Yes or No, If yes what size. YES SIZE 8

10. Hats? Yes or No. Pin head or pumpkin head. NEVER WEAR HATS


Jane's Designs said...

JoAnn you are like me I love to knit hats just can't stand to wear them.

Judy B said...

Hi JoAnn,I am Judy and just stopped in to check out your blog and to say hi and ask if you are having fun with this swap,I sure am and let me tell you I love making hats to but I do not wear thein Louisiana it is never colod enough to cover my

vegasangelbrat said...

I like to make hats, haven't made myself one yet, but it depends on the hat mostly if I wear it or
Love hot cocoa JoAnn with lots of marshmellow and one of those small candy canes hangin inside the mug :) umm YUM!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi from your Secret Santa, this will be so much fun. I'm makin' a list..checkin' it twice, but I know you are always nice!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Hi Joann,
Just stopping by to say hello, and wish you a happy day!