Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Maine and Glouster MA

This is a sunset shot of Schoodic Point. Very beautiful area. The waves were amazing! Will try to upload video of some of the waves (if I can figure it out).
This was a huge cruise ship in Bar Harbor. They said they get 60-70 cruise ships in from Labor Day until the end of October. We saw 2 while we were there. They come in during the night, spend the day and then leave the next night. It was fun watching the little boats take the tourists from the cruise ship to the dock. The shops love all the people!
My World Series knitting after the first 2 games! It would have been easier to knit if the games had been earlier - tough to knit when it gets past 11pm. Maybe next year they will move the games up earlier so everyone can watch the end.
We spent only 1 night in Gloucester, MA. We got there late because we got lost. My directions weren't the best and I miscalculated how close to the highway we would be. Still, it was a great motel. Right on the water. I managed to get a walk in in the morning before the downpour started. Would like to visit this motel again. They have a knitting seminar in March but it is my weekend to work. Will just have to come up with a reason for a long weekend there!
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Knitting Keep Me sane said...

I love the pictures so wonderful. I love traveling. I loved Maine so much tring to get my husband to go he would love it.


Knitting Keep Me sane said...
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vegasangelbrat said...

Oh I'm jumping in those ocean pic's :) What a beautiful site!
Thanks for sharing!