Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Package from Angel!

I received this wonderful package from an angel! Holly from Alabama stepped in as an angel for me. She sent me a wonderful package! As you can see, she wrapped the items in my favorite color tissue paper!
She sent me some delicious mango/passion fruit tea, a journal, some great sugar free chocolates and some wonderful yarns. Don't you just love the colors! They are great! I can't wait to start using the Christmas yarn to start my Christmas gifts. I am already so far behind! Of course the cotton chenille looks so pretty and feels so soft! I love the Sugar and Cream - I use it for so many things! Of course you can see the beautiful dishcloth she sent me. One of my granddaughters kept taking it and rubbing her face with it and telling me "it is so soft" I checked her pockets on her way out because she was going to take it! She kept telling me it was for her! She knows nice things when she sees them! I will have to make her one for Christmas - just one more thing for my list!
That ice cream cone at the bottom of the picture is actually a bar of soap - isn't that the cutest soap! I hid that from the grandkids for now so I can enjoy it for awhile! They love to be here when I get my exchange packages. They check out everything. They love to hold the yarn and check out the other things that come. I just have to check them out as they leave to make sure the don't take away my goodies! I do share with them(sometimes).
Thank you very much Holly for a fantastic package. I love the dishcloth and everything else. You are a very special angel! This package was definitely worth the wait!
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Dorothy said...

Hi JoAnn!

I hope you had a great vacation! I mailed off your scarf/hat package today - hopefully you'll have it by the weekend!