Friday, August 31, 2007

WOW! Great Virtual Vacation!

Wow!! What a vacation i just went on!
I just received the best vacation package ever from KSee. She took me to VA, DC ,FL and to St Maarten.
As you can see in the first picture the many items came wrapped in pretty purple wrapping paper or in their own special bags. As my family will tell you I LOVE BAGS. Any size, shape or color!

The second picture shows the beautiful yarn and supplies KSee sent me. The purple yarn is Spectrum hand dyed wool and she sent a pattern and needles with it to make a lace ribbing scarf. It was in the striped bag which will make a great project bag! Can't wait to start this scarf!
The yarn comes from the Springwater Fiber Workshop which is a non profit fiber art school. Will have to check it out at Sounds very interesting.
She also sent me some raspberry Simply Soft yarn and a pattern for a pocket scarf and 2 bags to make. Very pretty! There is a copy of Knitting magazine. Can't wait to check it out.
There also is a brochure from the Juniper Inlet Lighthouse & Museum. I know I enjoyed visiting there with KSee. She also got me a magnet and bookmark there. There is info on a program where you can buy a brick to have put in a historic pathway with your name on it. I know the view from the top of the lighthouse is fantastic! Very humid in FL. Next time will visit in cooler weather!
She even sent a coupon for a shampoo,cut and blow dry at a LOCAL hair salon here in CT. Wow, that is really fantastic. Can't wait to go. Will make an appointment ASAP!
Also received a T shirt from St Maarten - will post picture later - forgot to post the picture of it. I have never been to the Caribbean befoe so will enjoy wearing the tshirt and remembering my virtual trip there with KSee.
Next KSee took me to Washington DC where we found this cute snow globe. I put it on my sofa table with some others I have. Wait until my grandkids come over and see it. They love to shake them. If I remember correctly it was very hot in DC.
You can see the cute card she sent me in the picture along with some great hair products (very nicely scented) in the own special bags(love those bags!). Will have to hide these from my daughters! There is also some great candy(I am eating the MilkDuds now), a water lily and lotus scent diffuser, post it pad and journal. I think I will use the journal to keep track of my swap pals! There is an emery board to keep my nails smooth so they won't snag my new yarns while I knit. The book is great! It is Cozy Knits for Cuddly Babies. SO CUTE! I can't wait to make the knee pads for my grandson. There is also a beautiful flower garden afghan I would love to make for one of my granddaughters and a great basketweave poncho I can make for all of them!
And look at the great stitch markers and row counter KSee made me!
DOUBLE WOW! The stitch markers have charms on the end of my favorite seashore things. They are so beautiful! I have a charm necklace I have had and been adding to for about 15 years with similar charms. Can't wait to start knitting my lace ribbed scarf and use my new row counter and stitch markers! I especially love the beach chair charm. Reminds me of my favorite thing to do - sit on the beach and knit!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH KSEE! This has been a FANTASTIC vacation! Hope your virtual vacation is as special!
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Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Great pacakge you got, you lucky spoiled vacationner! ;-)

Enjoy all your goodies! :-)

KSee said...

I'm so glad you received everything in good order. I was amazed to see that they delivered at 7:41 in the morning.
I'm thinking the cute guy is spam? If he is not I'm flying to Spain. LOL

Jane said...

Wow! What a great vacation you went on! Good for you!

vegasangelbrat said...

Wow JoAnn, what a great vacation!!
Your definitely a poiled vacationer! enjoy all your goodies!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! Look at all the wonderful goodies you received!!!

I'm going to have a tough time keeping up!!

This is your Knit 1 Tea 2 Secret Pal just saying hello and wondering how you're doing. But I see you're doing A-OK!!

Dorothy said...

What a great package!

Crochetoholic Debb said...

great package from your VV pal....I am waiting patiently...

Knitting Keep Me sane said...

This package is do you get involved with this swap.