Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Problem Solved!

Have been trying to post for 2 days but unable to upload pictures. Blogger finally has posted a way around problem. Sure hope this works!
Our trip to Baltimore was great! Would have been better if the Red Sox won both games we saw but we had to settle for 1 loss and 1 win. Last night's game was great! They won in the bottom of the ninth. Very exciting! Go Red Sox!
Baltimore Inner Harbor was fun to visit. I would like to go there again when we have more time. This was a quick trip and we weren't able to see everything we would have liked to. We did get to go to J Pauls Restaurant after the game on Saturday and have steamed crabs. The were delicious! Definitely worth the long wait to get a table. There were so many Red Sox fans in town that the restaurants were overwhelmed! We had to wait almost an hour to get seated and we were lucky to get in that quick!
I was able to finish some dishcloths on the bus trip. These are the ones I mailed to my Dog Days of Summer Swap pal - Dee. She received them Monday. Glad she liked them. Had lots of fun putting her package together and knitting the dishcloths. Have started a couple more - the are addictive!
Did not have time to check out any yarn shops in Baltimore, maybe next time!
I need to make a new gift for my BF's newborn niece. The afghan I made is a disaster. I made it with this cute funky yarn and it looked really good on the needles. When I took it off - surprise - it would not hold it's shape. Keeps stretching out - looks like a towel! I should have used a smaller needle or another strand of base yarn. I used a yarn called Sprinkles. It was a pink/white/blue colorway and so cute. I made a sweater from it and it was adorable . Thought larger needles would work. WRONG! Can't frog it - the yarn just knots! Have to start form scratch with something else.
I hope to finish putting together the package for my partner in the Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap this week. I want to mail it out by Mon - or Tues. Need a few more state items to put in it. I also have a bunch of postcards I am going to mail out to her soon.
Well, I need to get ready to go to the dentist. I chipped my front teeth and need to get them fixed.
Happy Knitting!
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Jane said...

Lucky you! That was probably the 2nd most exciting Red Sox game of the year (the first being the Mother's Day Miracle of course). Were there any Baltimore fans in the stands? It didn't look that way on NESN!