Tuesday, August 21, 2007


These are some of my MANY WIP.
The first picture is my daughters afghan which I started in the spring and have neglected. It is superwash wool from Mission Falls. A feather and fan design, very easy. Great yarn to work with. Colors are showing pretty true. Had hoped to finish it by her birthday but not going to make it. Her birthday is NEXT Friday. Oh well, maybe for Christmas?

The next picture is of my dishcloth and scrubbie wip pile. The 3 pieces on the lower right have to be sewn together to make scrubbies - I love to do the knitting but hate the sewing part even though it only takes a few minutes each! The dishcloth on the needles is a cabled pattern. Very interesting and easy to do. Will take a picture when done so the pattern is more visible.
This yellow/pink/green/white baby afghan is to replace the one (pink/blue/white) in the bottom picture. The one in the bottom picture is a disaster. It is a real cool yarn which I have used before but this time tried to use larger (17) needles and make a quick gift. Wrong move! It will not hold it's shape. Looked fine on the needles but when I BO and held it up it kept stretching and stretching! I put it away for a month and hoped maybe it was my imagination but when I took it out again last week nothing changed! Could not think of a fix for it - can't frog it because of the type of yarn - so knew it was time to start another blanket without trying for a quick finish! Went back to my favorite yarn - Velvet Touch from Wendy/Peter Pan.. The best yarn ever for baby blankets! Soooo soft, and washable. I bought the yarn in Vermont at Kalidescope Yarns last summer. I only have 3 skeins so am using 1 strand of pink with the YPGW combo. To stretch it I am also doing some sections with 2 strands of pink. Working up pretty quick - should finish by the end of the week.
On the exchange front my package for the KVVS is almost ready to go out. That means I am caught up with swaps for the moment. Will be busy soon though - have signed up for the FALL FELTED BAG exchange, KNIT 1 TEA 2 exchange, and the CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD swap. Should keep me busy for awhile! Also can't wait for ITE5 to begin!
Also keeping up with the Red Sox. Great game last night! Tim Wakefield was great! Yankees lost which is also great. 5 games up! Go Red Sox!
Well, better get back to my knitting!
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Ursula said...

I love the colors in the dishcloth on the needles! Really, all the cotton yarns have nice coloring. Nice stuff!