Friday, April 25, 2008

Red Sox vs Texas 4/19 and 4/20

Great Weekend - Red Sox take 2 from Texas!
We got to see Lance Armstrong - in the yellow shirt - throw out the first pitch on Saturday night. He was in town to run the marathon.  He ran it on Monday in less than 3 hours!  Pretty impressive!
Sox came from behind in both games.  Very exciting.  While everyone was singing Sweet Caroline during the Saturday game the Bruins came from behind to beat the Canadiens in game 6 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  When it was posted on the scoreboard the crowd went wild!  When the Sox came back up to bat after we finished singing they went ahead - yeah - and won the game!
Big Papi had a good night - getting out of his slump!

More heroics on Sunday afternoon!  Another come from behind win!  
What a great weekend!

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Mary said...

What a great weekend for the Sox. My friend (can't actually run with him) came in 6 minutes behind Lance in Boston, they passed each other several times during the race!