Friday, May 2, 2008

YEAH!!! Finally Finished!!!

Well, I finally finished the baby blanket I started in October for our niece, Kelsey!  She was born way back in November - but I was very slow knitting.  

I started knitting it while on vacation in Maine last fall while we watched the Red Sox win the playoffs.  There is a picture in a previous post taken at Acadia National Park.

  I had put it aside while I knitted for Christmas, knitting swaps, birthdays and Easter.

  I took it back out last month and decided it better be finished before Kelsey grew up!   I took it to Boston last month and worked on it at a Red Sox game.  

Kelsey's mom and dad were at a the Red Sox game last fall when the Red Sox clinched the American League East pennant.   Kelsey was born very shortly after that game.  Her middle name is Caroline, because mom and dad were singing Sweet Caroline at the baseball game.  I figured it was only right that I work on it at Fenway.

Well, I put it in the mail yesterday and she should have it soon.  Hope she likes it.  The yarn I used is very soft - Wendy's Velvet Touch.  I used double strands of it.  1 strand was a lavender/pink/white mix and I used solid colored yarn in each of those colors thru out.  No set pattern.  I changed solid colors at random and did a basketweave pattern.  I like the way it came out.

Well, I have to go pack.  We are going to Boston tomorrow for some Red Sox games - sure hope the weather improves. 

Need to pack some yarn to knit some Mother's Day gifts.



vegasangelbrat said...

Oh thats pretty!! Love those colors :)
I hope you have a great time at the game!! Safe Trip!!

Mary Mary said...

The blanket is gorgeous. Very pretty colors :)


Hello Dear Blogger!
I have to crochet one too, for a new baby coming very soon:)Yours look perfect... Have a nice day,