Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Dishcloth Exchange Questionnaire

1.   I knit and crochet.  I have been crocheting for over 30 years and knitting for over 20 years.

2.   I use all types of  needles.  Mostly circular and DPN for knitting and any type crochet hook except for BOYE brand.  I have metal Addi Turbos, KnitPick Harmony needles, Crystal Palace bamboo, Clover  bamboo and many other brands.   I use some short plastic children's straight needles for my dishcloths.  Don't use many straight needles any more but still have some.

3.   My favorite yarn is Wendy's Velvet Touch.  It is great for baby and children's blankets and sweaters. Very soft and works up fast. 
 I love Sugar and Cream and Peaches and Cream and Fantasy Naturale for dishcloths.   
I like Cascade 220 and Paton's Merino Wool for felting.  I have other wools I have received in swaps that are great also.

4.   Cotton yarns I have used are listed above.  I am always open to trying new yarns. 

5.   I use the dishclothes I make as gifts mostly since I have received so many beautiful ones for myself  from swaps.

6.   My favorite color is any shade of purple but I am open to most colors.  I like jewel tones, navy, blues, reds, lavenders, varigated/ombres.   Orange is my least favorite color. 

7.   My kitchen is brown, with lighthouse theme
      1 bathroom is blue/beige/lavender with shell theme
      2nd bathroom is navy and burgandy with lighthouse theme

8.   I like scents like apple, vanilla, light florals, ocean.  Not a fan of citrus.

9.    Favorite things about summer are , long days,  knitting on the beach, picnics, watching grandkids play in sprinklers, eating watermelon and going to outdoor concerts.

10.   I dislike the heat and humidity and the mosquitos and ants.

11.   I mostly use body wash but do use soaps also. 

12.  I  like light floral scents in the bath.  Lilac is my favorite.

13.   I don't have a favorite dishcloth pattern.  I like all /any patterns.

14.   Love all kinds of treats but need to limit treats so would like to pass on them for this swap.

15.   Air conditioning works wonders for staying cool,  drink iced tea (decaf), and frozen hot chocolate.  Sit on beach when I can.

16.   Favorite hobby is knitting and crocheting.  I  like to read but don't have much time for it.  I also quilt but also not as much as in the past.

17.   Besides knitting and crochet  "stuff"  I collect lighthouses and shells/beach items.

18.   Am not a member of Ravelry

19.   No allergies

20.   I have 1 cat.


Anonymous said...

Frozen Hot chocolate? How does that work? I LOVE hot chocolate, but find it is only a winter drink, but frozen, now that's awesome!!

jopal said...

There is a coffee shop on Cape Cod that makes the best frozen hot chocolate! I found a recipe on a container of Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa Mix - the double chocolate flavor. It is not as good as the Hot Chocolate Sparrow but it is not bad!

Fred Farnsworth said...

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