Friday, April 25, 2008

Red Sox vs Texas 4/19 and 4/20

Great Weekend - Red Sox take 2 from Texas!
We got to see Lance Armstrong - in the yellow shirt - throw out the first pitch on Saturday night. He was in town to run the marathon.  He ran it on Monday in less than 3 hours!  Pretty impressive!
Sox came from behind in both games.  Very exciting.  While everyone was singing Sweet Caroline during the Saturday game the Bruins came from behind to beat the Canadiens in game 6 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  When it was posted on the scoreboard the crowd went wild!  When the Sox came back up to bat after we finished singing they went ahead - yeah - and won the game!
Big Papi had a good night - getting out of his slump!

More heroics on Sunday afternoon!  Another come from behind win!  
What a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trip to see The Little Mermaid in NYC

Some pictures of our trip to the big city to see the Little Mermaid on Broadway!

This is the ferris wheel INSIDE Toys R Us.  Girls enjoyed a ride in the yellow car.

Enjoying a break in M&M World!  What a great store!!!  Could have spent a couple hours here checking out the M&M's!  I bought some Red Sox colored M&M's for me and Mets colored M&M's for my daughter who wasn't able to come with us.  Plus a few more things!  We went to the Hershey Store also - another great place to visit!  Of course we found some things to buy there also!  No yarn but lots of goodies!
Two little princesses on the train to NYC.  Train was standing room only and a very nice gentleman gave these little ones his seat to share!  Very lucky little girls.  Grandma and their mommies had to stand all the way!  Everyone seemed to pick the same day we did to go to NYC.  Luckily on the way home train was less crowded and we got to sit!
Two of my girls and two of my granddaughters strolling the streets enjoying the view. The little one with the purple backpack kept looking up at the buildings and was amazed at all the skyscrapers!   Nothing over 6 stories in our hometown and this was both little ones first trip to the big city!  We all had a great time and can't wait to go again! 
 We had lunch at the ESPN Zone and if you haven't been to one of their restaurants  - it is very interesting!  There are tv's in the bathroom stalls in the ladies room and over the urinals in the mens room - you never have to miss a minute of the ballgame!

After the show the girls checking out the Little Mermaid's picture on the side of the theater.  The show was awesome and the girls loved it - so did their mommies and grandma!  Amazing how they made you think you were underwater! 
 Music was fantastic!  Will have to get the soundtrack for my IPOD.
What a great day - will have to do this again soon.  The girls want to go see The Lion King!   Will have to save my pennies (lots of them) so we can go again soon!
The weather was perfect and we had an awesome day! I thought the girls would sleep all the way home but they were so excited they were awake all the way home on the train!  

Monday, April 7, 2008



Country Wool Cape Ann Knitting Retreat 4/08

Great weekend!  Weather was cold and gloomy but the retreat was wonderful.  Claudia from Country Wool  did a wonderful job.  It was a great group of knitters.  Very relaxed and lots of new knitting info.  This first picture is from my room.  You can see that the weather was gray but still a great view!
This is the pattern and the beautiful yarn I worked with this weekend.  The yarn is Peace Fleece.  It is a wool/mohair blend.  The color is called Moscow Magic Pink.  It is pink with little flecks of lavender, red and teal in it.  I knitted the first sleeve and about 1/3 of the second by Sunday am.  Only had to frog the first sleeve 2 times.  Pattern is easy once you get into it.  The increases gave me some trouble but with help from the other knitters it worked out! The sweater will be reversible also.  I am making a size 8 child's sweater and will see who it fits when I finish it.  The sweater works from the bottom up and you add the sleeves as you go.  Claudia is just an email away if I run into problems!
You can see the workbook we received from Claudia.  I  made lots of notes to help me understand things easier.  Her worksheets were very clear.  I need to mark each row  I do so that I can have 2 sleeves that match!  

This is a close-up of the pattern - I love the color of the yarn.   It looks like cotton candy!
Will keep you posted on my progress!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Princess Patrol

My 4 favorite princesses

Finally - some progress!

Well, I have packed up all my supplies to take to the Cape Ann Motor Inn this weekend for the Country Wool Knitting Retreat.  I leave Friday morning and will return for my granddaughters birthday party on Sunday.  The Inn is right on the beach!  You can hear the waves all the time - very relaxing!  Larry and I stayed there last Oct for a night on our way back from Maine and it was great. 
I haven't been there for a retreat yet but am looking forward to it!  Knitting on the beach for 3 days!  It doesn't get much better!

This is the progress on my daughters afghan.  Not much but it is something!  I finished a gold section and most of a green section this week.  Will keep going!  There are going to be 4-5 sections of each color so you can see it has a long way to go!  Pattern is very easy - all knit and purl except for 1 pattern row out of 4 rows.  Just don't seem to get the time.