Thursday, August 28, 2008

WOW! Check out this bag!

Check this out! 
 I received my swap package from Noelle from Chicago for the Starbucks/Yarn swap. 
She sent me some awesome goodies.  As you can see there is some
 Very pretty and soft purple wool yarn
 Starbucks Gift Card 
Chicago magnet
 Chicago Cubs peanuts! 
Baby Ruth Bar (YUMMMM)
 Cool bag from Harry Caray's to carry a knitting project in! 
 But even more awesome is the bag she knitted and hand felted!  Check it out!!!

I have already put my things in it so I can use it tonight - we are going out to dinner and I need to show it off - it is so cool!
Noelle did a fantastic job!  Can you see the cute buttons?  The are little wooden baseball buttons.  I will be the envy of all the Red Sox fans I know!  It is a felted bag and the "B" is needle felted!  WOW!!

Thank you Noelle for a FANTASTIC package - especially my very special Red Sox bag!


Jane said...

Oh Wow! That is awesome! I have to copy that one! I don't think I could needlfelt a B that perfect though. I wonder if she had a stencil. The cubs stuff is neat too - who doesn't love the cubs? Unless they are playing the Red Sox of course.

Noelle said...

Hi Joann - I'm so glad you liked the package! I had a LOT of fun with the Red Sox bag and like I said in my note I could have kept tinkering with it but I had a deadline to meet!! I'm proud to say that I did not use a stencil for the "B" I just went online and looked for a good picture of the "B", printed it out and then just eye-balled it as I needle felted. I think it helped that I did not use roving but used the same red yarn that I used to knit the bag. So I was able to lay it out and play with it in sort of an outline of the "B" and go from there. It was a fun project and it's always nice to learn something new too. The Babe Ruth bar was a nod to the baseball theme too (you probably figured that out too :-)

P.S. I'm not sure what's up w/ my email? I'll send you a note from there and see if it works.

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh what an awesome bag!! You'll be the nevy of every fan out their.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Wow! Very nice package. Noelle did a great job on that bag.