Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Waiting for my turn!

Waiting ( not patiently!) for my turn in the Dish Rag Tag!  The box is in WA with Deb and has 2 more stops before it reaches me!
This is my first time doing a tag.  

There are 24 teams of 12 knitters who will each get a turn to receive the "baton". 
 A box with a skein of cotton yarn, a pattern to knit a dishrag from the enclosed yarn to send to the next team member and a  finished dishrag and surprise to keep! 
 You need to knit the dishrag ASAP and get it in the mail to the next team member.  First team to have all members pass the baton along to its final destination wins! 
Can't wait to get my turn.  Should be here early in the week. No sleep that night!

You can see the graphic in the sidebar that shows the team progress.  I am on the Knitting Divas team.  GO DIVAS!

I am also waiting for my invitation to join Ravelry.  I finally decided to join.  Not sure how involved I can get at the present but thought it was about time I joined!
Hope to get the invitation soon so I can check out all the fun things Ravelry has to offer!

We will be going to Maine this weekend to a 70th birthday party for my BF's uncle.   We will be in the Harpswell area.  I have only been there once before.  We will actually be staying on a naval base in Brunswick.   I hope the weather stays nice - the party is outside on Saturday.  There is a lobster dinner on Friday night and a brunch on Sunday.  Should be fun!  

Will have the details next post!
Gotta go do some laundry so I have something to pack!

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