Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quick post!

Quick post - busy week!

Went to Boston on Thursday - saw the Red Sox win again!  We have seen them win all 9 games we have attended.  This time they won 9-2!  Mike Lowell hit a grand slam!
Yeah!!!!  Sorry, no pictures.  I  forgot my camera!

One leg warmer finished and 1 more leg to go and my granddaughter will have her requested pair!  Will post picture when it is finished.

Working on swap packages.  Got some things this week I think they will like.
Will try to remember to take a picture before the packages go out.   Usually forget to take one of out going packages. 

2 granddaughters had recitals yesterday.  Will post pictures asap. 

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Mary said...

Well keep going, it sounds like you're a good luck charm! :)