Monday, June 23, 2008

Fantastic package from Summer of Yarn Love Swap secret pal!

This  is the gifts unwrapped.  Aren't they great!  There is a cute memo pad with pen that I can't wait to use.  
There are some cute ring stitch markers in nice bright purple and green - much easier to find when I drop them!  And they come in lots of sizes.
 There is a Knit Chek which always comes in handy when I pull out a circular needle and have NO IDEA what size it is -  or just want to check how many more inches I need to knit before I can go to bed!
There is a toy for Scoochie - you can see her playing with it in another picture in this post.  She loves it!
I love the CD she made me!  Great songs with many of my favorites!  Great selection of songs!  Songs from BRUCE, The Band , Simon and Garfunkle,  Blood Sweat and Tears, John Denver, Meatloaf and more.  What a great idea!  I can't wait to add it to my IPOD!  It even has Johnny Cash singing If I were a Carpenter with June!  LOVE  IT!!
This is a close up of the yarn and pattern she sent me!  I love the colors of the yarn.  It is Ultra Alpaca from Berocco.   Very soft!  It is hard to see but it is a combination of all my favorites.  When you see it in person you can see all the jewel tones blended together. Purple, red,  blue, gold - really pretty!  And the pattern is awesome  It is a lace scarf - looks like the perfect project for a lace beginner like me.  Pattern says it takes 4 hours - I am not a fast knitter so it will probably take me longer but it looks like a project I can handle!
And here is the picture of Scoochie playing with her new toy - she loves it! She was rolling all over the floor with it!

Thank you again to my secret pal!  Can't wait for my next package!  It will be like Christmas in July!  Your package was the perfect treat to come home to after a very long day!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you liked everything!!!

Yeah, I can't burn a CD for someone without adding at least one song from The Boss. My universe tells me that is just the way it is. :-)

- Your Summer Swap Pal