Saturday, June 14, 2008

Keeping cool in the summertime dishcloth swap week #1 question

This is one of the dishcloths I have made.  I am not always good about taking pictures of the things I finish.
This is made from one of my favorite yarns - Fantasy Naturale.   The colors are ones I enjoy knitting with!
Most of the time I make a very basic pattern.  Start with 4 stitches, knit every row inc 1 stitch in 2nd stitch  of each row until I like the size, then dec in the 3rd stitch in every row until I am back to 4 st.  Great pattern because I can knit it anywhere - needs very little concentration. 
 I like to work on these at baseball games.  My boy friend and son-in-law tell me it is embarrassing but I think baseball is the best sport to knit while watching.  I will be going to a Stitch n Pitch games at a local minor league game with my granddaughter this Sunday.   She isn't embarrassed when Grandma knits!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with knitting at a sporting event! :-)

Love the dishcloth!

Your Summer Swap Pal

jopal said...

I took my yarn to granddaughters recital yesterday. Didn't knit but told my SIL I brought it just in case!