Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall Into Autumn Topic of the Week #2

This weeks topic for the Fall into Autumn Dishcloth Swap is dishcloths and which yarn and needles we like to use.
I love to work with Fantasy Naturale from Plymouth. I like the sheen it has. It also comes in great colorways. The colors are sharp - not faded and the dishcloth/washcloths always look so pretty I don't want to give them up.
I also use Peaches n Cream and Sugar n Cream. They have a good color selection and are very reasonably priced. These dishcloths have a more muted color and a more "used" look.
Both are great, just depends on the pattern and color I want to use.
Bernat is making some Holiday Prints in cotton and it comes in big skeins - 608 yards. Bought some but haven't tried it yet. Comes in both solids and varigated colors for Christmas.
I am using either a size 7 or 8 straight needle that is plastic and only 7 inches long. They are called kid starter needles and work great for small projects.
I just (yesterday) received my new Harmony fixed circulars from KnitPicks. I ordered a size 7/16inch just for the dishcloths. Haven't tried them yet. They are so pretty and feel very smooth. Will use them for my next project! I just ordered the Harmony Options set. Can't wait to get it!
I haven't tried any other yarns yet for dishcloths but am open to trying others. Would like to try linen or bamboo but am not sure how they would work for a washcloth or dishcloth. I also have some cotton chenille I want to try.
Better get back to my knitting, need to send out my September Crochet Swap package tomorrow. It has to be in the Netherlands before the end of the month. Also need to mail my Knit One ,Tea Too package out this week. Just need to finish my handmade item and it is ready to go.

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Suzy's Corner said...

Just wanted to drop a note to say hi. It looks like you are very busy with all your knitting. I am working away on your bag for the FFBE. :)