Saturday, September 8, 2007

Anne's dishcloth contest

Nice pattern Anne! Enjoyed making this dishcloth for Anne's contest. Check it out over at her blog - - I am going to try it again with a solid color. Pattern didn't show up well with this yarn but I love this color and couldn't wait to use it. I used Plymouth Fantasy Naturale and size 7 straight needles. I used the really short needles.
I can't really describe my knitting style. I knit left handed and was taught by a friend from Germany many years ago. It is a combo of her style (European) and my style(what ever works). I have been told I knit backwards but since the stitches look like they are supposed to I don't mess with my style!
Anne, I think you should call this pattern Shadows. Can't wait to make a solid color version so shadows show up better!
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Sarah said...

I really like the dishcloth. I saw that you were in the running for best tote in the international exchange. Good Luck!!!!