Monday, September 8, 2008

All Hallows Eve Dishcloth Exchange

Time for another dishcloth swap!  This is my favorite swap!

The All Hallows Eve Dishcloth swap is starting soon!  Sign up by Sept 12th   to join in on the fun!

My Questionnaire:

1. I have been knitting and crocheting for over 20 years.

2. I use all kinds of needles.  It depends on the type of yarn or project I am doing.  I don't use long straight needles very often any more.  I use mostly short straight/dpn needles or circulars.  I DON'T like BOYE brand.  Use just about any other brand.

3.I like to make small items that I can carry along.  Dishcloths, scarves, leg warmers, bags, an occasional baby afghan or sweater.

4. I don't have a favorite pattern.  I like to use patterns appropriate for the recipient/occasion

5. I love "stuff".  I have all sorts of notions.  I love to try out new things.  I am also a "bag addict".  I buy new project bags all the time.  Just can't help myself!

6. Wendy's Velvet Touch is my favorite.  I like to felt so wools/alpaca are always welcome in my stash!  I love to make dishcloths so cottons are another favorite in my stash.  I like "soft" yarns.  Dislike Lopi, fun fur, scratchy yarns.  New yarn from Peter Pan/Wendy called Tinkerbell is very soft - bought some for my stash but haven't tried it yet.  I think it will be a favorite!

7. Love purple but knit with all colors.  Depends on who/where the item is for.

8. I use lots of cottons.  Fantasy Naturale, Sugar and Cream, Peaches and Cream, Lion Brand, Bernat Cotton -- you name it -- I use it.  I use both solids and multicolored skeins.

9. I like most scents except for citrus.  

10. I think witches are the most "Halloweeney"

11. Love chocolate and salty things - 

12. My favorite costume was a cowgirl!  I wanted to be Annie Oakley !  I had the rifle, 6 shooters, boots and everything - wore them all the time not just Halloween!  Luckily I found another line of work - one of the few times I rode a horse I got thrown!

13.Ravelry newbie!    capesoxknitter is me!

14.Nothing special to tell my pal except to have fun!  I am very easy to please!  


Gina said...

Oh yeah, I hear ya', Joann! I love STUFF too!! I'm always buying new notions and knitting stuff!

I chose you as my Dishcloth topic person for Week 1. :-)

Hope you have a great swap!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joann! Can't wait to start collecting stuff for you! My dad is a big Red Sox fan as well, which makes me one by proxy! :)