Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Way behind on blogging!

The last 2 weeks have been a blur!  Will try to catch up in this post!
This is princess # 1 at her recital.  Very cute!  Teacher quit 2 weeks before the recital but the little ones came thru!  
Later the same day princess # 2 had her recital!  Another cutie!  

Princess #1 went to a minor league Stitch n Pitch game with me.   Rained out after 3 innings but the goody bags were awesome!   I got NINE bags of yarn, patterns, needles and notions.  Will post pictures soon!  If a Stitch n Pitch game comes your way don't pass up the chance to see it!  Over 20  companies, including WEBS and Berocco,  donated yarn and "stuff".
Spent a couple days at the beach with princess #2 and #4 and their mom.  Great time - weather perfect - water ice cold!  Girls conned Grandma into getting in the water with them  BRRRR!  

Picture of the awesome beach!  Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, MA on Cape Cod!
Will be going back for a few days this coming week to spend time with the grandkids.  Should be fun!  They all love the water!

In between the recitals and this week's upcoming trip I went to Boston twice and saw the red Sox win each time - last game was a come from behind win!  I have not seen them lose this year.  I have 2 more games to go to this season!
 I also went to a 75th birthday dinner and a Billy Joel concert!  Great concert!  I have seen him before and he always puts on a fantastic show!.  I have been to a birthday party for one of our nieces and another for a granddaughter!  Has been a very busy couple of weeks.  I did manage to get some knitting done - not as much as I would like but if I have to choose between freezing water with grandkids or knitting - the knitting loses every time!

I will get to spend some more time on the beach with them the beginning of next week.  Then I will be going back to the beach with my BF for the following week for our vacation!  Should be able to get in plenty of knitting that week!  

I need to get 2 swap packages out in the next week!  The dishcloth swap and the summer of yarn swap packages need to go out before vacation!  The Starbucks swap can wait until I return!  It doesn't have to go out until August!  WHEW!  I am going to be busy!

Am almost finished with the second leg warmer for princess # 1.  Should finish that tonight and then can finish my dishcloth for the swap.  I tried a new pattern but it wasn't working for me.   Now in the frog pond and time to find a new pattern.

Time to go knit - will post FO soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you sure are busy busy busy!! I haven't forgotten about you, and should have your summer dishcloth swap package in the mail hopefully by the beginning of next week, or sooner. Enjoy that beach for me!!

Keepin Cool in Sumer swap partner

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh wow I could jump in that ocean pic!
The princesses look great. Glad the recitial came through, that ashame the teacher quit.
You are one busy busy lady and I hope you get time to relax, though I bet the beach does that for you :)
Happy 4th to you and yours!!!