Monday, November 26, 2007

Thank you Secret Santa!

Thank you very much to my Secret Santa from Jane's Design group!
I received this great package today. The first picture shows how it was beautifully wrapped. It is so pretty. The silver package is not to be opened until 12/24 so will be the first present under my tree!

As you can see, I have opened the green package which was marked "open me now!". It contained some very pretty ornaments for my tree - which I will be putting up tomorrow! There is also some Christmas scented hand soap, a candle- yummy white chocolate mint scented - a cute lighthouse to add to my collection, and a beautiful knitted dishcloth! What a great job she did on the dishcloth. It will be out on my sink for all to see!
I can't wait for 12/24 to open my other present! Shook it gently but no clue yet! Will just have to be patient. Will try to shake it only a couple times a day!
Thank you very much to my Secret Santa! Will have my package to pal in the mail by weekend!
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Anonymous said...

glad it arrived safely! can open the card :-) ho ho ho, from your secret santa!

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh pretty's!!! Love the ornaments...isn't that curiousity of yours
Thanks for being slow too...mine bombed so now I need plan B :(

Jane's Designs said...

Oh I love that dishcloth and all your other goodies. Your ornaments will look wonderful on your tree. Don't shake that package to hard all those diamonds might fall out.

Holly said...

Oh, what a great package, and there is more. Wow, that is a good pal.