Monday, November 5, 2007

Fall Felted Bag Final Question of the week

Fall Felted Bag exchange is coming to and end and here are the final week's questions:
How was your experience in the exchange?
Exchange was well organized and I had a great upstream partner - Suzy - who made me a fantastic bag and sent a great package of goodies. I enjoyed the topic of the week questions.
I sent my downstream package out a little late - did let my partner know it was going to be late. She should have it today or tomorrow. Sorry Jenean!

Did you enjoy the folks you met?
Very much!

Thoughts or criticisms and things you loved.
I enjoyed the questions of the week and loved my bag. Suzy did a great job and the hostesses were great.
Criticism is for all the people who do not send or acknowledge packages. I feel bad that some people join and then don't follow thru. I had a great exchange but have read that some people haven't heard from their partners. I hope their next experience is better and that the problems they may have had don't make them stop exchanging. The hostesses do a great job of finding angels and making sure everyone gets spoiled.
Can't wait for the next exchange.


gardeningknitter said...

Know what you mean about the acknowledge part. I have sent two nice gift boxes to SP-11 and have yet to be thanked. She did post part of the first one 'later' on her blog after I questioned 'had she gotten it'. I know also that she received the 2nd one but nothing more. I have one more to send, hopefully in the next few days and I hate to say it, but I'll be glad to be through this one. On the other hand my upstream partner has been tops. Some people just don't get it. Why sign up for an exchange if they don't want anything other than the goodies, just go out and buy them for one's slef and get what you want.

jopal said...

Exactly my thoughts! I waited 2 weeks to hear from my partner in another swap after she received her package. This happens way to often. Just a quick email at least would be nice. Then they could follow up with a post when they have time. Oh well, luckily most of the people who join try hard to follow the spirirt of the swaps.

Knitting Keep Me sane said...

I agree. I had a wonderful swap but my mother never did get a bag from another swap. I can never understand some people.

I love the giving and the receiving part of the swaps.