Friday, October 10, 2008

Late Post Red Sox take ALDS against LAAngels

Monday October 6th 2008.  Game 4 of the ALDS  Red Sox vs LA Angels
Awesome!  First playoff game ever - 11th game at Fenway this year.  They have won all 11 games I have been to at Fenway and won the 2 games I saw at Camden Yard.
Congratulations to the team!
Hugs for everyone!

Great job by Jon Lester and team!  Bring on the Rays!
Time to go watch them play on tv - we will be in Fenway for game 3 on Monday afternoon!   YEAH!!!!  Lester pitching again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Glad it is an afternoon game - we didn't get home until 230am after Monday night game and I had to be up at 530 for work - it was a very long day! 
 Stopped to get an xlg hot chocolate at Starbucks to help me get moving - boy did that make my heart race!    I was afraid to sit down all day - 3 hours of sleep makes me a little tired!
No knitting done at the game - I brought it with me but was up and down all night with the crowd so had to put it away!  The crowd was a lot tenser than during the regular season!  But it was an awesome feeling to be there for the win!  

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Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Sounds like an excitting game:)Hugs Darcy