Friday, September 26, 2008

Ravelry Red Sox T shirt Swap Package

These are the great goodies I received today from Kate for the Red Sox T shirt swap.
The t shirt is fantastic!  It is a Pawtucket Red Sox t shirt.  It has the box scores from the longest baseball game played!  What a great idea!  They played the Rochester Red Devils.  

This is the WPI (wrap per inch) tool she sent. Isn't it cute!  I will be keeping it close during the playoffs for luck! 

These are  the other goodies she sent.  The yarn is very soft and the perfect color to make some mini socks - for good luck charms!  They are a warm red - very pretty!  There is a sticker, splatter ball (looks like fun), some needle inventory cards (very good idea), tape measure, notebook, hand lotion and a dark chocolate bar (MMMM). 
Thank you very much OTKATE!  I love this package.  Can't wait to start knitting those little socks while I watch the Sox play in the postseason!  

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vegasangelbrat said...

What great stuff of all your favorites! Great swap!