Thursday, December 6, 2007

Still under the tree!

Just a quick post to let my secret Santa from Jane's Designs's Secret Santa Swap that the gift is still UNOPENED and under the Christmas tree. My granddaughter tried to convince my BF that it was for her and it was ok to open but he said he didn't think Grandma would think so. Nice try!
Also I stashed the Godiva candy bar from my Christmas Around the World secret pal so I can enjoy it. I had to hide it from the kids!
Hope everyones holiday shopping is going well! Have done most of mine online this year. Am finished buying for my children and grandchildren! Yes! Now I can relax and knit. Just have 1 more major gift to get - for my BF. Will get that next week and then I only have a few more little gifts to pick up. I think everything is under control! (for the moment!)

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vegasangelbrat said...

Nice try indeed! LOL I had to put mine on the top of my desk so its outta doggie reach, otherwise I would too would someone trying to open Love them grands!! Miss mine :)
Have a great weekend!!